Files are used to store paper in an organised fashion. The file you choose depends on how many documents you want to store and the way you want to organise them. Here is a rundown of the main type of files:

1. Lever arch files: These are the most common type of lever arch file and have a lever mechanism on the spine to open and close the rings. There are heavy-duty lever arch files: These files have a thicker cover and spine to withstand more wear and tear. And there are also PVC lever arch files: These files have a PVC covering for added protection against moisture, dust, and other elements.

2. Box files: These files are empty inside and contain a clip mechanism to hold the documents in place. Their advantage is that they can contain a considerable amount of documents and that these documents do not need to be perforated.

3. Hanging file folders / suspension files: These are folders that have hooks to hang from a metal rod in a file cabinet. They are commonly used to organize and store paperwork

4. Flat files / slim view files: These are flat folders that are used to store and organize loose papers.

5. Binders: These are folders with rings that allow you to insert and remove pages as needed. They are often used to store and organize important documents or for presentations.

6. Expanding files: These are files that have accordion-style folders that expand as you add more documents. They are useful for organizing and carrying large amounts of paperwork.

7. Clipboards: These are flat boards with a clip to hold paper in place. They are commonly used in medical and field settings.

8. Report covers: These are covers that are used to protect and give a professional look to reports and presentations.

Office Essentials Ltd. stocks all of these file types. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further guidance or should you want to discuss your needs for us to propose the best potential solutions !